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Sad Girl in the Window

We would stop for breakfast in a diner or a pancake house, lingering for only a short time because of he urgency, she said, of getting there as soon as possibleHer vocabulary was full of words like arraigned, adjudicate, abduct amazed me, how my mother rattled off these terms like other mothers could recite ingredients for cakes.  

 Her Gorgeous Grief    Hudson Review 

Today she is Magda, a Hungarian  in brocade, and scarlet velvet  shoes with bows. The smell of  goulash fills the apartment and her scent is Tabu this time. She kisses me on either cheek, tells  me to sit as she finishes her  chignon, full of bobby pins and hairspray, a small work of art....


 Today, Magda             Hospital Drive

Portrait of a Woman
Girls Having Fun

I From first grade on, we sat together at lunch, swapped sandwiches, survived occasional taunts. We were sisters, might as well have been, knowing what the other would say, doing our hair the same way, passing notes in our secret language.


 Off the Face of the Earth  HudsonReview

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